The Story of Tenuta Borsari


 Paolo Borsari was a lawyer that lived in the eighteenth century.

Belonging to a wealthy family, in 1755 he bought this land previously used by the Jesuit priests as holiday retreat for their students. The place was therefore called for a little while "Vigna (Vineyard) dei Gesuiti". 

Here lived Saint Luigi Gonzaga and Saint Giovanni Berchmans, whose rooms have been preserved exactly as the two saints left them.
San Luigi Gonzaga (dead of plague in 1591, at 23 years old) and San Giovanni Berchmans (dead in 1621, at only 22 years old) together with Stanislao Kostka, are the three giovani angelici of the Jesuits.

These three saints still dwell here.

Their presence is documented by a tombstone placed here in 1888 by Signora Luisa Sorgi Santovetti, owner of this villa until about the middle of the last century.

The "little, but graceful, property" (as Tomassetti defines it) was then passed over to Monsignor Francesco Santovetti and then to the Valenzani family, but it kept the name "località Borsari".
It now belongs in great part to the Paoletti family.

Here is what is said in the book Vermicino, ricognizione e memoria by Rosario Foglia (ed. 2000) about the Borsari estate:

"It is situated on the left of Via Tuscolana, going towards Frascati... From the outside you can't see it because of the fencing wall that skirts the road. This wall, that was built more than 4 centuries ago, was one of the peculiar characteristics of this estate. After about 100 metres proceeding toward South, it touches the border with Rome."

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